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If you need a custom cut antique mirror,come to us. We use advance technology to cut glass.

Antique mirror is one of mostly used decorative mirror. Looking into an antique mirror retains the image of the past, filtered by time giving a reflection that makes one wonder about the mysteries this mirror holds. Antique mirror takes away the perfection that modern mirrors have created. To fulfill the ever increasing demand we recreated the magical antique look of mirror by experimenting with oxidation and the use of a black background that gives off the warmth and past memories when reflected. This kind of mirror is known as Custom Antique Mirror.

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At Bear Glass we offer a huge selection of custom antique mirrors

In order to make these beautiful antique mirror sheets usable we provide Antique Mirror cutting service. From small to large in every cutting precise work done by expert technicians with modern mirror cutting machines. We also provide edge polishing, v-grooving, sandblasting and any kind of mirror work you need. We also deliver these fragile pieces to your location with best in best delivery service.

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Antique Mirror Stock Sheet
Product# Thickness (mm/in.) Description Stock Sheet Size(inch.)
3060703 3mm 1/8" Light 48"X94" 1/2"
3060103 3mm 1/8" Heavy 48"X94" 1/2"
3060703 3mm 1/8" Gold Vein 48"X94" 1/2"
3060106 6mm 1/4" Light 48"X94" 1/2"
3061106 6mm 1/4" Heavy 48"X94" 1/2"
3060706 6mm 1/4" Gold Vein 48"X94" 1/2"
3060206 6mm 1/4" Light Cloudy 48"X94" 1/2"
3060306 6mm 1/4" Heavy Cloudy 48"X94" 1/2"
3045206 6mm 1/4" Blue 48"X94" 1/2"
3060506 6mm 1/4" Pink 48"X94" 1/2"
3060606 6mm 1/4" Venetian 48"X94" 1/2"
3060806 6mm 1/4" Gold Dot 48"X94" 1/2"
3060906 6mm 1/4" Gold 48"X94" 1/2"
3061006 6mm 1/4" Lunare 48"X94" 1/2"
3061306 6mm 1/4" Cobolto 48"X94" 1/2"
3061706 6mm 1/4" FRENCH 48"X94" 1/2"
3062706 6mm 1/4" Rainbow 48"X94" 1/2"
3063706 6mm 1/4" Fern 48"X96"
3064706 6mm 1/4" Box 48"X96"
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