Large Mirror Cutting by Bear Glass

We glad to know you that we use latest technology for cutting Large mirror glass.

Large mirror has many uses. You can find large mirror on the wall of dance class or gym. Using large mirror wall home decorators make a small place looks bigger. In shops and restaurants large mirror on walls and ceiling helps to reflect lights and make the place more bright.

Mirror Cutting

At Bear Glass we stock this large or over sized mirrors. You can find starphire mirror, optiwhite mirror or even custom antique mirror of these unusual size. We have the machineries and experts to cut and fabricate these large size mirrors. We do installations too. Contact us for a free quote.

Advantages of Large Mirror:

  • Large mirror wall makes a small room looks large.
  • Energy conservation can be archived by use of mirror, as it reflects the light and make the place brighter.
large mirror

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