Mirror Cutting by Bear Glass

To cut and give custom shape of a mirror, we use advanced glass cutting machines.

Mirror is everywhere. The best known purpose of mirror is not anymore the only purpose. Today we even use mirrored furniture. Decorative use of mirror increased significantly. Hotels and restaurants use large and decorative mirror ceiling. In dance schools and gym, wall mirror is an essential part.

Bear Glass stocks knows that every customer's need is unique. So we stock different types of mirror in different size and thickness.

Application of Mirror:

  • Car rear-view mirrors and side mirrors
  • Over-the-sink in the bathroom mirrors
  • Full-length dressing mirrors, often found inside closets
  • Mirrors sometimes are placed to cover an entire wall to make a shop, restaurant, or other room appear to be bigger
  • Mirrors are used to collect sunlight for solar power generation
  • Mirrors are used in covering furniture surface to create mirrored furniture

Mirror can be used for decorative purpose. We do v-grooving, sandblasting and other art works on mirror if you want. Usually mirrors come in rectangular sheets of some specific size, to make these sheets in proper size and shape is important for you to use them in your projects. Bear Glass has all the sophisticated tools and machineries to cut mirror sheets accurately without damage.

Call us today to discuss about your requirements. We are always ready to accept custom requirements.

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Mirror Stock Sheet

Product# Thickness (mm/in.) Description Stock Sheet Size(inch.)
1210106 6mm 1/4" Mirropane 96"X130"

Clear Mirror

Product# Thickness (mm/in.) Description Stock Sheet Size(inch.)
3000103 3mm 1/8" Clear Mirror 48"X96" 96"X130"
3000105 5mm 3/16" Clear Mirror 72"X96" 84"X130"
  6mm 1/4" Clear Mirror 48"X100" 60"X100"
60"X120" 72"X100"
72"X120" 84"X100"
84"X120" 100"X144"
Color Mirror
Product# Thickness (mm/in.) Description Stock Sheet Size(inch.)
3010103 3mm 1/8" Bronze 48"X84"
3020103 3mm 1/8" Grey 48"X84"
1080103 3mm 1/8" Starphire 96"X130"
3010106 6mm 1/4" Bronze 96"X130"
3020106 6mm 1/4" Grey 96"X130"
3050106 6mm 1/4" Black 96"X130"
3070106 6mm 1/4" Starphire 96"X130"
3060106 6mm 1/4" Peach 78"X126"
3045106 6mm 1/4" Blue 96"X130"
  6mm 1/4" Green 96"X130"
Antique Mirror
Product# Thickness (mm/in.) Description Stock Sheet Size(inch.)
3060703 3mm 1/8" Light 48"X94" 1/2"
3060103 3mm 1/8" Heavy 48"X94" 1/2"
3060703 3mm 1/8" Gold Vein 48"X94" 1/2"
3060106 6mm 1/4" Light 48"X94" 1/2"
3061106 6mm 1/4" Heavy 48"X94" 1/2"
3060706 6mm 1/4" Gold Vein 48"X94" 1/2"
3060206 6mm 1/4" Light Cloudy 48"X94" 1/2"
3060306 6mm 1/4" Heavy Cloudy 48"X94" 1/2"
3045206 6mm 1/4" Blue 48"X94" 1/2"
3060506 6mm 1/4" Pink 48"X94" 1/2"
3060606 6mm 1/4" Venetian 48"X94" 1/2"
3060806 6mm 1/4" Gold Dot 48"X94" 1/2"
3060906 6mm 1/4" Gold 48"X94" 1/2"
3061006 6mm 1/4" Lunare 48"X94" 1/2"
3061306 6mm 1/4" Cobolto 48"X94" 1/2"
3061706 6mm 1/4" FRENCH 48"X94" 1/2"
3062706 6mm 1/4" Rainbow 48"X94" 1/2"
3063706 6mm 1/4" Fern 48"X96"
3064706 6mm 1/4" Box 48"X96"
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