Patterned Glass Cutting by Bear Glass

To give a custom shape on pattern glass Bear Glass uses advanced technology.

Bear Glass stocks one of the largest selections of pattern glass at the best price in the country. Patterned Glass is an excellent choice for many architectural projects. Patterned products offer decorative benefits to architects and designers, for a range of exciting applications in homes, offices, restaurants, hotels and other venues where privacy and light are important.

Different types of Clear Patterned Architectural Glass:

  • Transparent Glass: This glass is clear with very slight, if any distortion of the image viewed through it. However, it has considerable character derived from the irregularities within and upon the surface of the glass.
  • Minimally Obscure Glass: This glass is essentially clear with a surface irregularity that somewhat distorts the image behind it. As with the Level 1 glass, it also has considerable character derived from the irregularities within and upon the surface of the glass. This glass would be inappropriate for privacy applications.
  • Moderately Obscure Glass: The texture of this glass is its predominate feature and it provides a moderate level of obscurity. It could be considered appropriate for semi-privacy applications where the viewer or the subject was at a significant distance from the glass.
  • Obscure Glass: The texture of this glass is pronounced enough to be its predominate feature and it provides a high level of obscurity. It would be generally appropriate for privacy applications. Detail is difficult if not impossible to discern through the glass.

Uses of Patterned Glass:

Bear Glass is fully equipped with latest glass cutting machines and experienced crafts men. We know how to cut your patterned glass with perfection. Choose us to cut your patterned glass sheets to the desired shape and size. Remember we are a full glass fabricator. We can polish, drill, bevel and deliver your glass orders also.

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Pattern Glass Stock Sheet

Product# Thickness (mm/in.) Description Stock Sheet Size(inch.)
  3mm 1/8" Linex 67"X87"
  3mm 1/8" Glue Chip 60"X84"
  5mm 3/16" Rain  
  5mm 3/16" Industrex 60"X84"
  5mm 3/16" Flutex 60"X84"
  5mm 3/16" Pattern62 60"X84"
  6mm 1/4" Antique 65"X85"
  6mm 1/4" Diamond Clear Wire 78"X100"
  6mm 1/4" Glue Chip 78"X100"
  10mm 3/8" Antique 60"X84"
  10mm 3/8" Rain 60"X84"
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