Starphire Glass Cutting by Bear Glass

Bear Glass uses latest glass cutting machine to cut starphire glass.

Bear Glass is the largest distributor of Starphire Ultra clear glass in the country. STARPHIRE® Ultra Clear Glass is a special low-iron, low-lead glass formula providing new dimensions in glass clarity and brilliance, unlike any commercial-grade glazing project can provide. STARPHIRE® Ultra Clear Glass is easily fabricated to any design specifications making it the perfect choice for any glass project or design, and is available in 2.5 mm, 3 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 19 mm, and 25 mm thickness (or more commonly known as 1/16'', 1/8'', 3/16'', 1/2'', 3/8'', 1/4'', 3/4'', 1'').

STARPHIRE® provides formative advantages in comparison to standard float glass. Particularly, it is characterized by a higher transparency and a more neutral color, making glass ideal where high visibility and clarity are required.

Benefits of STARPHIRE® Ultra Clear Glass:

  • When laminated for security glazing applications, the high transmittance of PPG STARPHIRE® Ultra Clear Glass provides an unmatched combination of security and visibility
  • STARPHIR® Ultra Clear Glass is the ideal solution for emphasizing sunny atriums, entranceways, reception areas, lobbies or entire building facades
  • Its incredible clarity and sparkling edge make it perfect for architectural use
  • STARPHIRE® Ultra Clear Glass is an ultra clear glass designed for a wide variety of commercial applications, both interior and exterior. It maintains its remarkable clarity in any thickness.

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Application of STARPHIRE:

Shower Door Glass

Shower doors are normally made of glass to add light and openness in small bathing space. starphire® Glass is an extra clear glass, with low content of iron which is the best option to make your Shower Door. Bear Glass can custom cut your Shower door according to your specifications.

Cabinet Glass Door

Choosing cabinet glass that enhances the beauty of the cabinets as well as the rooms they occupy can become a very selective and creative process. For Cabinet Glass Bear Glass recommend starphire® glass with or without some pattern depending on your need. Bear Glass can custom cut your cabinet door according to your specifications.

Table Tops

Whatever we are making: Glass coffee tables, console glass or office tables, they will quickly become the focus of your home decor, adding elegance and a special sense of peace to the environment. starphire® Glass is one of the best choice for table tops. Bear Glass specializes in starphire® glass table tops.

Jewellery Glass Showcases

A glass showcase displaying valuable object can be made from ordinary glass, but starphire® Glass Showcases is the best choice. There is a huge variety of Jewelry Glass Showcases of different styles are available at Bear Glass. We use UV bonding and other latest technologies to make your starphire® jewelry case as unique as you are.

Backpainted Glass

Back painted glass (Backsplash) is any form of clear glass that is painted from the back side and viewed from the front side, or glaze side. If you are looking to use back painted or backsplash glass in your project, Bear Glass provides an easy and convenient solution with starphire® ultra clear glass which is a low-iron glass, eliminating the green tint and lending itself to more accurate colour matching for light, warm and bright colours.

Starphire® Clarvista

Bear Glass ClarVista® Glass has a coating, fused to the glass, sealing the glass surface to provide a protective barrier. The coating withstands the high temperatures required to thermally temper (strengthen) glass to meet safety codes for shower enclosures.

Not only we stack the largest collection of STARPHIRE Glass And STARPHIRE Mirror, we have the cutting edge technologies and expert crafts men to cut the glass or mirror in your desired shape and size with perfection. Remember we are a full glass and mirror fabricator. We can do edging, bevelling, hole drilling and any other works on Starphire glass and mirror. We also deliver.

Starphire® Glass Stock Sheet
Product# Thickness (mm/in.) Description Stock Sheet Size(inch.)
  3mm 1/8" Starphire Glass 96"X130"
1060105 5mm 3/16" Starphire Glass 96"X130"
1060106 6mm 1/4" Starphire Glass 96"X130"
1060110 10mm 3/8" Starphire Glass 96"X130"
1060112 12mm 1/2" Starphire Glass 96"X130"
1060119 19mm 3/4" Starphire Glass 88"X126"
1070112 12mm 1/2" Diamonte Glass 88"X126"
1070115 15mm 5/8" Diamonte Glass 88"X126"
1070119 19mm 3/4" Diamonte Glass 88"X126"
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