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To cut wire glass we always use advanced glass cutting machine

Wired Glass, is a kind of glass into which a wire mesh is embedded during production. This product is traditionally accepted as a low-cost fire-resistant glass. Bear Glass, carries the largest inventory of different wired glass at a reasonable rate.

Wired glass is manufactured primarily as a fire retardant, with wire mesh inlaid in the glass to prevent it from shattering and breaking out under stress or when exposed to high temperatures. With the window intact, the glass keeps the fire at bay, protecting those on the other side from the harmful effects of smoke and flame.

Historical Background: Wired Glass and Codes

In 1977, traditional wired glass was given an exemption from meeting the CPSC impact safety standard when used in doors, sidelites and other potentially hazardous locations because wired glass manufacturers claimed that they did not have the technology to meet such critical standards. Twenty-five years later, they still claimed that they could not meet these safety standards. This all changed when safety wired glass products were introduced.

The 2003 IBC removed the exemption for traditional wired glass in educational and athletic facilities and set forth that the federal safety glazing standards applied in those buildings. In the 2004 IBC Supplement and the 2006 IBC code, restrictions were taken one step further. The result was that traditional wired glass, is no longer exempt from meeting safety standards when used in any potentially hazardous location. This applies to all new construction and in all types of occupancies (see Sec. 2406.1.1 in the 2003 and 2006 IBC).

New safety wired glass is economical and meets all the fire protective glazing and safety standards, making it the best value in fire rated glass.

Bear Glass Polished Wired Glass

The glass product most often associated with fire rating is polished wired glass. It has provided fire protection for more than 100 years. In North America, wired glass is typically rated for 45 minutes in light sizes up to 9 square feet (1,296 square inches), with a 90 minute rating restricted to 100 square inches for use in fire doors. The biggest advantage of wired glass may be its low cost.

Polished Wired Glass is far and away the most well known product in the industry. It has a solid track record. Most codes were originally written around wired glass, because for many years it was the only glass that could pass the fire testing. Wired glass is able to pass the hose stream test, and has earned a 45 minute rating (even higher in very small door sizes).

We also stock Obscure Wire Glass, Polished Clear Diamond Wire Glass, Square Polished Wire Reinforced Glass, Chicken Wire Glass.

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Due to the wire mesh it becomes difficult to cut. But Bear Glass can cut wired glass with updated tools and expert technicians. Just call us with your specification and we will cut the wired glass as per your specification on time.

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